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For Corporates

Corporates working with contractors, a contingency workforce, have a unique blend of challenges ensuring that they are engaged lawfully and present no unknown risk to the organisation. Working with Access Financial is the value-added way to de-risk your business entirely.

PEO / EOR Services

You want to engage a worker to work in a country where you do not have an entity. The first decision you need to make is how best to engage the worker and pay them.

The employed route is not the only option for structuring your remote workers. You can also consider self-employment and their limited companies.

Access Financial can advise you on your options. If you choose that your worker should be employed, we can act as their legal employer. You might have a local company but do not want to run payroll and have to become conversant with local employment law, in which case engaging Access Financial to shoulder this burden makes complete sense.

If you do not have a local entity, Access Financial will be the legal employer. We will bill you monthly for the salary plus any benefits that you want to pay your workers and handle everything else.

Immigration Assistance

Our Immigration Department staff are experienced immigration specialists who can advise you on how best to obtain work permits or Blue Cards in the main contractor markets. We can advise on eligibility and how best to approach applications. In addition to our personnel, we have a broad network of immigration lawyers we can rely on.

Whether you are self-employed work visas, Blue Cards or self-employed work permits, we can help you avoid unnecessary delay, cost and disappointment by pointing you in the direction for the greatest immigration success.

Payroll Services

We love payroll. We run payrolls, and we manage external payrolls. We can operate your payroll for you in one jurisdiction or many.

Recruitment businesses have had Access Financial run their Swiss payrolling, work permit, and accounting operations for several years. We have freed our clients to focus on recruitment which is the core of their business.

An alternative to a local entity is to register your company as a Foreign Employer where you plan to employ local staff. Access Financial has much experience in this field and can help you do it. The key feature here is that the staff remain your employees which you and they may well prefer.

A qualified chartered accountant heads Access Financial, and we have an in-house R&D department and a vast network of tried and tested international professional advisers. We also perform many of our payrolls and self-employed compliance work ourselves. Our extensive experience and expertise mean that you can rely on Access Financial for solid advice and the assurance that you will have a trusted partner you need to mitigate your risks.

If there is a lawful way to save your or your clients’ money, we will know about it and, if the parties are eligible, you will benefit from it. We achieve this with Double Tax Treaties, Social Security Treaties, and Impatriate tax regimes. We do not rely on dubious practices because we don’t believe in them, and our reputation depends on our integrity.