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Maximise your growth through the outsourcing of contractor onboarding, payroll, compliance and other back office services to us.

About Us

Access Financial is the leading international payroll and contract management solutions provider to recruiters, corporations and professional contractors.

If you have plans to expand internationally by:

  • Creating a presence abroad or
  • You want to place contractors at home or cross-border or
  • You need to engage your staff remotely

We are the one-stop-shop offering expert advice and practical help. Being headquartered in Switzerland and with a presence in 8 countries worldwide, our nearly 100 staff take care of all the hassles of contract management, payroll, immigration, taxes and compliance in more than 60 countries.


Satisfied Contractors

Qualified Employees

Excellent Years

For Recruiters

For many years, Access Financial has provided support in outsourced contractor payroll and other back-office services. Our mission is to de-risk contracting for you and your end clients. We do this through our expert knowledge and broad experience operating in key contracting destinations worldwide.

Client Onboarding &
Contract Management

Your candidate is quickly added to our payroll and registered with governmental bodies.

Payroll Services &
Immigration Assistance

We help you onboard, comply with immigration and labour laws, and take care of payroll.

Our network of local tax and legal experts ensures compliance with regional laws and tax rules, so you can focus on your business.

Limited Company

We have many years of successful experience enabling contractors, recruiters, and clients to work through their companies in lawful, compliant ways.

For Contractors

Working abroad (within or outside the EU) does not need to be complex or confusing. At Access Financial, we keep it simple whilst providing the highest level of service, 100% compliance with both taxation and legal requirements, and ultimately the best value for money.


We take care of all onboarding procedures, payroll, compensation and benefits, tax filing, and termination of employment in 150+ countries.


Our immigration experts will help you navigate through the requirements and processing times, as they vary by country.


Outsourced payroll has various benefits and provides significant savings in both time and money.

Limited Company

We enable contractors to legally contract via their limited company while working abroad.

For Corporates

Corporates working with contractors, a contingency workforce, have a unique blend of challenges ensuring that they are engaged lawfully and present no unknown risk to the organisation. Working with Access Financial is the value-added way to de-risk your business entirely.


If you want to hire talent in countries where you don’t have subsidiaries you may consider using International PEO or Employer of Record services.


We provide complete support throughout the process ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.


We can handle both your payroll and compliance in 150+ countries. We take the stress of administration off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

We will de-risk your business by overcoming any compliance challenges related to your contingent workforce.

Country Solutions

If you are interested in getting detailed information about our solutions in any other country, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

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Here you will find the latest news on our solutions, the team and the industry.

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We are pleased to invite you to watch our videos and understand our solutions.

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Why Us?

Consultative Approach

Our unique consultative way of working explains all the options open to you so you can choose the closest fit to your needs.

We Work Fast

With our well trained, competent staff, rugged processes and the latest tech means we can provide our services to you in a prompt manner.

Proven Results

Thousands of contractors and recruitment businesses and their clients have benefited from our expertise and professionalism.

Local Billing

We have nearly 30 internal companies for local billing and to mitigate withholding tax losses to you.

100% Compliant

We have the necessary licenses, proven experience and demonstrable track record to provide you with all the national and international payroll, contract management, tax and immigration services that you need.

Our Offices Globally

We have offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Cyprus, China, India and Malaysia.

Online Support

When you need any help, our team of experts will work directly with you via our live chat, phone or email to reach a quick and efficient solution.

Cost Efficient

We listen carefully to you, understand your requirements and needs, and then we collaborate with you to provide our services at reasonable prices.


We love hearing from our clients, if you would like to provide us with a new testimonial to be featured on this page or want to voice your experience, we would love to hear from you!

Roy HarrisHaricom Limited

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the good experience I’ve had the last 3 years working with AFS. I feel a sense of trust in AFS and for me that is what is most important in any business relationship.”


“I would like to thank Access Financial Team for all your help on my urgent matter. A special mention to Louise and her commitment to help me promptly and in any possible way, even by disturbing some of her annual leave. You’re very lucky to have such people within your team!”

Luke WilliamsSweden

“I want to thank Access Financial for your assistance with immigration without which my assignment would not have been possible. My special thanks to Team Europe, their service was very professional. They were always quick to respond, provide me with answers and solutions.”


“It was always a pleasure to work with AF. Before when I worked in Belgium and now in Germany, the service was always very pleasant. So yes, in the case I will need any umbrella company, I will surely contact only you.”

Mr. P. BorkarIreland

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Access Financial”

Mr. B. DeanGermany

“When it comes to outsourcing payroll services Access Financial is my #1 go-to company. Thank you for your great support.”

Mr. G. BretonUK

“What I love about Access Financial is their commitment to speed, professionalism and constant support.”

Mr. P. TredwellLuxembourg

“If you are looking for someone to help you with contracting in EU, Access Financial would be an excellent choice.”

Ahmed MohammediContractor

“After several years of collaboration with you, I regret to announce my departure from AF. It has been a real pleasure to have made this part of road with you, and I wish you full success with other collaborators. I regret my departure from your company, but the rules decided otherwise. If there is anything to remember about AF, it is the clarity, the honesty and the discretion. Thank you for all the good years spent with you and all the services you have given me.”

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