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Online onboarding of a SE contractor in Germany

As you may know, AF has its IT department where we build our platforms, portals and apps. The latest project is to replace our CRM system. We have been able to achieve some stunning results. In the case of our self-employed contractors, we have long wanted to speed up the time to register them with the Finanzamt and cut down the administration to which we subject our clients. We have come up with some very sexy innovations, namely:

Through the use of automated workflow and process redesign, we can get onboard a self-employed contractor in Germany within a day plus provide evidence to the recruitment agency that we have lodged the registration. This process includes not only the completion and filing of the Fragebogen but also arranging for Professional Indemnity Insurance and Approved German Medical Insurance with our brokers. There are no forms to download, print, sign, scan, upload and email back to use: all designed out with the brand-new system.

A further advantage is that our Steurberater does not need to ask the contractor the same questions again to perform the registration process.

On top of that, our system enables contractors to scan their claimable business expenses in a phone app and send them to us with zero fuss with the VAT stripped out automatically by advanced OCR software. The bills get posted into our German accounting software where our Steurberater checks and submits the monthly VAT returns.

Our ERP system automatically generates the contractors’ self-billing sales invoices and our management fees that are posted directly into the German accounting software, so neither our contractors nor we ever have to touch the data twice.

AF provides the kind of thinking that takes contracting into the 21st Century.