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Swiss Salary
Calculator 2024

The salary calculator for Swiss provides you with your monthly take-home pay or annual income, taking into account various factors such as taxes, Social Insurance, and other deductions.

    The tax that you pay in Switzerland depends on the number of dependents that you have.
    Some examples of professional services include - Legal services, Accounting and bookkeeping, IT etc. Some examples of manual services include - Construction services, Electrical set up and rewiring etc.
    Please specify the starting month
    Which income tax year are you thinking about?
    What is your pay unit? Hour, day or month?
    This is the all-inclusive rate that you have agreed with your recruiter or client to pay you.
    Mandatory Pension Only - I am interested only in paying the mandatory level of pension contributions to reduce my immediate outgoings. We call this LPP1 (Occupational Pension Fund).
    I am interested I increasing my overall retention by contributing above the minimum level although this will not reduce your immediate outgoings. We call this LPP2a.
    Swiss nationals and C-permit holders are not taxed at source by their employer but pay their taxes directly to the government. All others working in Switzerland are taxed at source.
    Members of established churches and other religious organisations pay Church Tax which supports these institutions. Non-members do not.
    In Switzerland, the taxes depend on where you live rather than where you work. To assess your tax, it is necessary to know the canton where yo plan to live.
    The taxes you pay vary if you are single, married, widowed or divorced. Please indicate your marital status.


    • Fill in the relevant information in the Swiss salary calculator above, and we will prepare a free salary calculation for you, including all costs incurred. Please enter a valid email address, as you will receive an email with the calculation.
    • The calculation is an illustration based on various assumptions and is meant to provide an indication of what you may take home as net pay. For a more detailed projection please contact our customer support by clicking on the “Speak to an Expert” button above.