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Belgium Salary
Calculator 2024

The salary calculator for Belgium provides you with your monthly take-home pay or annual income, taking into account various factors such as taxes, Social Insurance, and other deductions.

AF_Contracting in Belgium

    This is the all-inclusive rate that you have agreed with your recruiter or client to pay you per day.
    Please estimate the average number of days you plan to work each month.
    Please provide the length of your assignment in months.
    If you live in Belgium for at least six months (183 days) of the year and are registered with your local commune, then you are a resident for tax purposes.
    Are you a national of an EU or an EEA country?
    To qualify for certain allowances, three quarters or more of your total income must come from the assignment in Belgium.
    A new self-employed person can choose to pay either minimum advance social security contributions or social security contributions based on actual income. The final social security assessment is done after two or three years from the start of the self-employed activity. In the case of underpayment, you will need to pay the difference and vice-versa. The subsequent payment of social security will be tax deductible if you are still tax resident in Belgium.


    • Fill in the relevant information in the Belgium salary calculator above, and we will prepare a free salary calculation for you, including all costs incurred. Please enter a valid email address, as you will receive an email with the calculation.
    • The calculation is an illustration based on various assumptions and is meant to provide an indication of what you may take home as net pay. For a more detailed projection please contact our customer support by clicking on the “Speak to an Expert” button above.