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Hong Kong Salary & Tax Calculator 2023

Fill in the relevant information in the Hong Kong salary calculator below and we will prepare a free salary calculation for you, including all costs that are incurred. Please enter a valid email address as you will be sent an email with a calculation.

    This is the all-inclusive rate that you have agreed with your recruiter or client to pay you per day.
    Please estimate the average number of days you plan to work each month.
    Please provide the length of your assignment in months.
    If you are not a Hong Kong national then you will need a work visa to work in Hong Kong.
    The tax that you pay in Hong Kong depends on your marital status and the number of dependents that you have.
    Please state if you are married, single or single parent as this affects your taxes.
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    Disclaimer: The calculation is an illustration based on various assumptions and is meant to provide an indication of what you may take home as net pay. For a more detailed projection please contact our customer support by clicking on the “TALK TO AN EXPERT” button above.