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How Can Access Financial Help You in Switzerland?

About Switzerland 

Switzerland tops the list of 100 countries with the highest average salary worldwide and is one of the wealthiest nations in per capita GDP. The country also features among the top 10 safest countries in the world. Responsibility, punctuality, and hard work characterise its work culture. High standards of living and an active lifestyle make living in the land of beautiful landscapes and over 1,500 lakes a pleasure. High standards of education and healthcare make the country popular among professionals.  

Top Reasons to Expand in Switzerland

For Corporates 

Switzerland draws many business owners for a variety of reasons. Some key attractions are its political stability, business-friendly laws, quick and straightforward company setup, financial confidentiality, low taxation, minimal corruption, esteemed reputation, and advanced economy and infrastructure. These factors make Switzerland appealing to wealthy foreign investors and ambitious business people looking for a financial and corporate hub. 

For Recruitment Agencies 

In Switzerland, the staffing industry is a competitive economy with many regional and national actors. Nevertheless, provider changes are easily possible in the fast-moving temporary market, and hiring companies can obtain comparative bids without undue effort. Moreover, the agencies’ experience and expertise allow them to find niches to escape the competition. 

For Contractors 

The country has a high skill shortage index, which grew from 92 to 155 from 2021 to 2022. Key occupational groups with the highest workforce demand are healthcare professionals, software and IT specialists, engineers, construction and production managers, and machine mechanics and fitters. 

Salaries are considered high compared to most other countries globally; they are ranked the third highest out of all member countries in the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

The work-life balance in Switzerland is excellent, with a 40 to 45-hour work week. Additionally, full-time employees are entitled to 4 weeks of paid vacation annually, of which the worker must take two consecutive weeks. There are ample sick and parental leaves as well. 

Regarding retirement benefits, social security covers a basic old-age pension. In addition, employers are obliged to provide a contributory occupational pension scheme. Finally, employees can make additional voluntary contributions to supplement their retirement income. 

How Can Access Financial Help? 

Hiring temporary or permanent workers in Switzerland entails stringent compliance requirements. Crucially, a foreign company in Switzerland cannot employ contractors through a management company based abroad and does not have all the necessary authorisations and licences. A foreign recruitment company cannot supply staff to a Swiss client nor bill the Swiss client directly without the required approvals. 

Access Financial’s superior services have won it a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner for businesses looking to expand to Switzerland and job seekers wanting to work there. Located in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud, we are registered with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the cantonal Employment Service to engage in labour leasing and payroll management activities within Switzerland. 

As a leading global labour leasing company, we oversee all contracting formalities and legalities for corporations, recruitment agencies, and contractors. Our services benefit the employers – by looking after local compliance – the recruitment agency by ensuring these have a satisfied client – and the contractor, by maximising their earnings and providing a legally compliant payroll solution.  

Our Services

For Corporates and Recruitment Agencies: 

– Incorporating your business in Switzerland   

– Help in finding the best form of organisation and process   

– Application for the necessary licences   

– Accounting & payroll outsourcing 

– Compliance, especially for the recruitment business in Switzerland 

– Legal & tax consulting  

For Contractors: 

– Fast onboarding & contract management 

– Automated timesheet, invoicing, payroll and payments system 

– Support with Health Insurance Coverage 

– Higher retention rates through approved Swiss pension schemes  

– Full declaration payslips with tax and social security deductions 

Call us on +41 22 365 4620 or e-mail us at [email protected] to learn more. You may also download our country guide on Switzerland through the link below, where you can familiarise yourself in more detail with the tax and labour aspects of the country.

Swiss Country Guide: Download


Below we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions by our clients for your review. 

Question: I’m a German company that wants to expand into Switzerland. Can you help me set up a Swiss subsidiary? 

Answer: Yes, we can help you with all aspects of setting up a Swiss subsidiary, including registering your business, fast onboarding, and setting up your payroll and HR systems. We can also advise you on Swiss tax and social security laws. 

Question: I am a contractor who is considering working in Switzerland. What are the tax implications? 

Answer: Your tax liabilities in Switzerland will depend on your specific circumstances. However, we can provide general information on Swiss tax laws and refer you to a qualified tax advisor for a hassle-free experience. The country has treaties with multiple countries that help reduce payable taxes on certain types of income. 

Question: I’m a business owner from outside of the EU. Can you assist in hiring and managing a workforce in Switzerland? 

Answer: Definitely. There are certain mandatory and optional benefits that a Swiss worker must receive—choosing Access Financial as your EOR relieves you of the time and effort required to employ and manage the team, while ensuring compliance with local employment laws. Our end-to-end payroll management and administration services empower you to operate with local best practices while adhering to required obligations optimally. 

Question: Do you help independent foreign contractors who have work opportunities in Switzerland with immigration and compliance requirements? 

Answer: Yes, we do. Access Financial has over 20 years of experience helping contractors worldwide relocate to new destinations. We support you in immigration while assisting with all taxation, legal and compliance requirements.