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Hiring Employees/Contractors in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia, and it is emerging as one of the top locations for the growth of new businesses with a free-market economy. It has a network of established companies, and a budding infrastructure that is ready to help new businesses set up roots. Singapore also has some of the lowest corporate taxes in Asia, with no tax on dividends/capital gains a lot of extra benefits for  new companies, as well as a unique monetary system that is centered on exchange rates rather than interest.

Singapore is in a perfect geographic location to have access to the entire population of Asia, helping businesses to connect to other economic hubs and form trade connections across the region. The workforce in Singapore is highly skilled, mostly due to its superior education system and the people’s hardworking nature. In addition, due to favourable immigration laws, more and more foreign contractors are choosing Singapore as their place of work.

Labour laws in Singapore can be tricky, but they are very well developed, and the country is one of the top performers in protection of labour-employer relations. Their Employment Act covers almost all types of workers, whether full or part-time or on a limited contract.

Doing business in Singapore and hiring and employing staff is not the easiest task; there are a multitude of regulations, rules about agreements with contractors, labour laws, and the requirement to have a local resident director and company secretary. In addition, setting up a legal entity in Singapore can be a time-consuming and costly process – and this is where Access Financial comes in!

We can take on financial and legal responsibility for your employees, and provide a full set of services in Singapore, including onboarding, payroll, social security registration and contract management. This means that you can let go of the headache of setting up legal entities, and getting mired in the technicalities of local employment obligations. You are free to tackle your pressing business needs, while we deal with regulations and compliance.

Access Financial offers the following solutions/services in Singapore:

– Contract Administration

– Payroll Outsourcing

– Employer of Record (EOR)

– Work Permits/Immigration Assistance

Benefits of working with Access Financial in Singapore:

Trusted partner: Nineteen years of profitable operations.

Fast onboarding: By working with us, you can be sure that all your full-time employees or contractors are ready to work in a matter of days.

Invoices and payments: We take care of all your employees/contractors, ensuring they receive their payments in due time with complete accuracy.

Employment law compliance: We ensure both parties make the most out of the contracts, while complying fully with the labour laws of the country.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions in Singapore, feel free to contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: CH: +41 22 365 4620  |  UK: +44 20 7017 3110  |  CY: +357 25 820 640