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For Recruiters

For many years, Access Financial has provided support in outsourced contractor payroll and other back-office services. Our mission is to de-risk contracting for you and your end clients. We do this through our expert knowledge and broad experience operating in key contracting destinations worldwide.

Client Onboarding & Contract Management

Delays and errors in concluding contracts lead to clients being unhappy, and delays can lead to a business drop off. At AF, we undertake to call your candidates immediately and help you reach an agreement between the parties as swiftly as compatible with doing it right.

Our trained lawyers will deal with the contracts. Our highly skilled and experienced Client Care Staff will onboard the contractor or PEO employee with minimal fuss and impart the most precise understanding to the candidate. A candidate who understands is a much better prospect than one kept in the dark. The way we work is all about clarity and transparency.

Payroll Services & Immigration Assistance

In many cross-border contract assignments, the tax solution must follow the immigration needs. A work visa usually demands a local employer and is placed on payroll.

In other jurisdictions, self-employment won’t work because the worker cannot meet the criteria for the local authorities to accept their independent status.

In other cases, you may have a prospective employee you wish to employ in a country where you do not have a company set up to do this for you. Or, if you do, you may want to outsource the tax and HR hassle associated with running a payroll you are unsure of.

Access Financial can remove this burden from corporates and recruiters painlessly and cost-efficiently.

A qualified chartered accountant heads Access Financial, and we have an in-house R&D department and a vast network of tried and tested international professional advisers. We also perform many of our payrolls and self-employed compliance work ourselves. Our extensive experience and expertise mean that you can rely on Access Financial for solid advice and the assurance that you will have a trusted partner you need to mitigate your risks.

If there is a lawful way to save your or your clients’ money, we will know about it and, if the parties are eligible, you will benefit from it. We achieve this with Double Tax Treaties, Social Security Treaties, and Impatriate tax regimes. We do not rely on dubious practices because we don’t believe in them, and our reputation depends on our integrity.

Limited Company Solutions

After the changes in the Off-Payroll Rules in the Private Sector that the UK introduced on 6th  April 2021, many felt that the days of using a limited company for contracting were dead. It is true that for many, this is no longer an enticing use if they face the same tax and social security costs without the benefits of regular employment, possible advancement and the protections given by employment legislation. Many hundreds of thousands have dumped their companies. Of course, many companies blanket refusals to treat each case on its merits and providing Status Determination Statements as the law requires has not helped the situation.

Al is not lost. IR35 does not apply to non-UK tax-payers. Nor does it apply where the client is small as defined by UK company law.

Contracting via a limited company can still be an effective method inside and outside the UK for those to whom the legislation does not apply.

From the point of view of a client or a recruitment business, a limited company contractor generally means that there is no need to apply employment law rules regarding sickness pay, statutory holidays, 13th-month salaries, statutory notice period or severance pay. When a recruitment business demands that someone employ the contractor, all these rules must be observed and paid. Nothing is free, and the eventual costs impact your margin or competitiveness.

At Access Financial, we have many years of successful experience enabling contractors, recruiters, and clients to work through their companies in lawful, compliant ways. All the parties are happy, including the contractor whose retentions are often significantly higher than Umbrella employment.