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For Contractors

Working abroad (within or outside the EU) does not need to be complex or confusing. At Access Financial, we keep it simple whilst providing the highest level of service, 100% compliance with both taxation and legal requirements, and ultimately the best value for money.

PEO / EOR Services

Once you have accepted to work with a client abroad, you must decide the best way to structure the arrangement. Access Financial is your ideal adviser on the pros and cons of being employed, working as a self-employed person or operating via your limited company.

If you decide that employment is the best option for you and your client, Access Financial can act as your legal employer. We will bill your client for your gross salary, benefits, and employer costs. Access Financial will take care of everything else.

Immigration Assistance

Our Immigration Department staff are experienced immigration specialists who can advise you on how best to obtain work permits or Blue Cards in the main contractor markets. We can advise on eligibility and how best to approach applications. In addition to our personnel, we have a broad network of immigration lawyers we can rely on.

Whether you are self-employed work visas, Blue Cards or self-employed work permits, we can help you avoid unnecessary delay, cost and disappointment by pointing you in the direction for the greatest success.

Payroll Services

We love payroll. We run payrolls, and we manage external payrolls. We can operate your payroll for you in one jurisdiction or many.

Several recruitment businesses entrust us to run their Swiss back-office operations. Our experienced Swiss outsourcing team can handle everything from preparing tax calculations, onboarding, running payrolls and providing HR services. All of this frees our clients to concentrate on building their businesses.

Limited Company Solutions

You may be accustomed to contracting through your limited company. You may be intrigued to know if it is advantageous to do so while working abroad. You may want to see if it is a good idea to incorporate a company for this purpose.

If you decide that the limited company route is correct for you, then Access Financial can advise you on the pros and cons. Access Financial is your experienced partner in incorporating companies in many countries, localising companies in another jurisdiction and localising you into perfect compliance.