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Interested in Contracting in the Netherlands?

Contracting is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. However, the wide variety of laws and tax regulations make life complicated. Our raison d’etre is making life easier for recruitment agencies, employers and those contracting in the Netherlands. Access Financial will act as an intermediary in the Netherlands, so contractors don’t need to busy themselves with the intricacies of the Netherlands’ tax system. We provide employers and recruiters unparalleled flexibility in meeting their goals and hiring demands.

Subject to having the legal right to work, there are essentially two ways to work legally in the Netherlands:

  • Employment/EOR
  • Self-employed/Limited Company route

Employed/EOR Solution:

All EU/EEA nationals can come to live and work without restriction in the Netherlands. All other persons need to have the legal right to work, whether through a work permit, European Blue Card, family entitlement, or a Professional Card.

From 1st January 2021, British people no longer have the right to live or work in the Netherlands. They will need a work visa, as will any third-country national.

Access Financial can sponsor work permits and assist contractors in obtaining EU Blue Cards.

Working through an employed solution means the contractor must register in the Dutch tax and social security system, including the application for the Expat Tax Scheme / 30% Ruling (if eligible).

*Foreign workers who have not worked in the Netherlands for the past ten years may be entitled to an expatriate tax concession, the 30% Ruling, where 30% of the income is exempt from Dutch income tax and social security. The 30% Ruling, once given, can remain in force for up to 8 years.

At Access Financial, we make it fast and easy to employ a local and foreign workforce in the Netherlands. We take care of onboarding/registrations, payroll, compliance, taxes, and admin so you can focus on what you do best.

Suppose you would like to discover your tax and net retention using the employed solution and compare it with the Limited Company solution. You can easily use our free online income calculator by clicking the link below:

Netherlands | Calculator

Limited Company Solution:

It is possible to set up your own limited company in the Netherlands. At Access Financial, we can assist you with company formation and other back-office work (payroll, accounting etc.). This solution is best for contractors planning on remaining in the Netherlands long-term or for repeat engagements with multiple clients. Moreover, in most cases, this could be the best option regarding your potential retention rate. If you would like to discover your tax and net retention in the Netherlands, you can easily use our free online income calculator by clicking the link below:

Netherlands | Calculator

Not everyone is eligible for both solutions, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The only way to establish the best method in a given case is to understand your requirements.

We achieve this by conducting an in-depth fact find, and we believe that Access Financial is unique in using this methodology.

So, do you wish to make your contracting experience in the Netherlands more effortless and secure? Access Financial offers solutions geared explicitly towards ensuring continuity of income in even the most flexible employment scenarios.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions in the Netherlands, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by tel: +357 25 820 640