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Contracting in China

Access Financial has been in China for 12 years.

AF can help corporates who have a need to employ people in China but who either do not have or want an entity in China. For them, it can be both less costly and more convenient to entrust their employee to AF PEO services in China.

Similarly, for those recruitment businesses that want to establish themselves in the world’s second-largest economy and fastest-growing big market, AF can help. We can help you to establish yourselves there with practical help rather than taking expensive advice from legal and accounting firms that you then have to implement it alone in an alien environment.

For those contractors working or thinking about working in China, AF is here for them too. We have various ways of helping to mitigate individual income tax and increase the retentions from their gross pay.

Also, we can help both Chinese national and ex-pat contractors to establish their small individual enterprises, and they can invoice AF China to claim their compensation.

The Chinese borders are not blocked, and we are still able to provide work and residence permit services to international contractors.