Work Permits

We can sponsor work permits for our employed solution.

Flat Tax Rate

Non-Swedish residents who are going to work in Sweden for less than 6 months, are eligible for a 25% flat tax rate (SINK tax).

Non-Resident Experts

An expatriate regime exists for non-resident experts, scientists or other key personnel, where the 25% of the taxable salary is exempt from income tax.

Employed Solution

Other Deductions 50%
Management Fee 5%
Retained Income 45%

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Open to all nationals and those who want continuous employment. This solution will appeal to non-EU citizens or British nationals after 01/01/2021, who will need a work permit to work. As shown in the chart, an employed individual not eligible for SINK tax or expatriate regime should be able to retain approximately 45% of their emoluments.

Limited Company / PSC Solution

Other Deductions 29%
Fixed Costs 6%
Retained Income 65%

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Where there is a degree of independence between the contractor and the client, then using a limited company is an attractive option for the contractor. This solution is for EU nationals or those having the right to work.

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