Denmark Salary & Tax Calculator


Work Permits

We can sponsor work permits for our employed solution.

Expat Scheme

A special expat scheme exists in Denmark. The expat scheme means that employment income, cash allowances, value of free company car and value of free phone are taxed AT a flat rate of 27% for up to 7 years.

Social Life

Excellent work-life balance.

Employed Solution

Other Deductions 30%
Management Fee 5%
Retained Income 65%

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Open to all nationals, and there is no requirement to hold a university or college diploma. This solution will appeal to non-EU citizens or British nationals after 01/01/2021, who will need a work permit to work. As shown in the chart above, an employed individual should be able to retain around 65% of their emoluments.
*Please note that for Danish nationals, the retention rate is around 48%.

Limited Company / PSC Solution

Other Deductions 22%
Fixed Costs 6%
Retained Income 72%

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Where there is a degree of independence between the contractor and the client, then using a limited company is an attractive option for the contractor. This solution is for EU nationals or those having the right to work. An individual working through their own PSC may enjoy retention of around 72%.

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