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December 14, 2020

Contracting in China

Access Financial has been in China for 12 years. AF can help corporates who have a need to employ people in China but who either do not have or want an entity in China. For them, it can be both less costly and more convenientRead More »Contracting in China

Agency Case Study

An agency approached us with several cases of their contractors working in the Netherlands, and the agency was paying them to their UK limited companies. There was no local compliance work in the Netherlands. We spoke to contractors and offered them Dutch employment which theyRead More »Agency Case Study

Agency Case Study

A UK recruitment business approached us, asking for help to set up their business in Switzerland. We provided a new company, obtained suitable premises for them, applied for an obtained the cantonal and federal labour leasing and permanent placement licences. We also arranged for theRead More »Agency Case Study

Contractor Case Study

A contractor wrote to us and asked for a solution to work in Sweden. We asked him if he regularly wrote to his doctor for a diagnosis. He wondered what on earth we were talking about. We explained that we need to understand all aboutRead More »Contractor Case Study

Corporates Case Study

A newly appointed Compliance Manager was tasked with getting the recruitment company ready for a trade sale. Management was concerned about any hidden risks that could deflate the price a buyer would pay. The Compliance Manager asked us in to advise the Compliance Manager howRead More »Corporates Case Study

Agency Case Study

A client was trying to place contractors in Sweden. What they found was that the net retentions were so low that contractors could not afford to take the assignment and end up paying the employer’s social charges in  Sweden of a little over a 30%Read More »Agency Case Study

Agency Case Study

A UK recruiter approached us. They had a problem with a Swiss client where they had placed permanent staff. The problem was that the Swiss client was refusing to pay the UK businesses’ placement fees. The client argued that, under Swiss law, consorting with aRead More »Agency Case Study

Agency Case Study

An agency approached us how we could help them to de-risk their clients who were placing contractors in the Netherlands. The risks, from chain law, meant that contractors who were operating as independents or their BVs would not be re-classified as employees of the endRead More »Agency Case Study